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Link to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

If you are still Active Military this is our

"needs list" of items that we will require from you

If you are looking to do a VA IRRRL

(An Interest Rate Reduction and Refinance Loan)

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if you are "no longer serving" this is our needs list 

of items that we will require from you 

If you are still active and wish to change your home of record on your LES to read FL, then click below

Military VA Forms Aristides Priakos


Click below if you  have lost or

misplaced your DD-214

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"Certificate of Eligibility"

Next to your DD-214 this form is extremely important  

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The va home forms page

Link to Department of Veterans Affairs

* The Veterans Administration does not directly endorse USA Mortgage or its affiliates.  This link to the VA is strictly here to help our veterans get information on any and all of their benefits.